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Welcome to the updated Photoshop Action! site. On these pages you'll find actions that I have created. Most of them are unique to this site and all actions may be downloaded, used and distributed freely. No plug-ins or styles are required to make these actions work!

B O R D E R - A C T I O N S
Six galleries of actions adding borders to your photos. Includes the Edge Collection actions.

S P E C I A L   E F F E C T S
Here you'll find the FilmStrip Action! and the cool new Puzzle Action!

T E X T - A C T I O N S
Yupp, It's those actions that tweeks you text...and it's a great way to learn new techniques.

F L A S H  - T E M P L A T E S
Thousands of great flash /photoshop website templates! All source files included.

Added a new action today. A friend of mine asked if I could help him with a jigsaw puzzle effect in Photoshop...and so I did :-) [more]

Added a new tutorial that shows how you can make a more colorful border with the Edge Collection package. [more]

Several new actions are ready to published on the site. The actions will be added to the site as soon as I have completed all the tutorials and documentations.

Upgraded to Photoshop 7.0 today. Unfortunately not all actions on this page runs smoothly with the new version, but over the next couple of weeks I'll be testing all actions with Photoshop 7.



New actions & tutorials!
Puzzle Action! - Jiqsaw Puzzle effect (Added March 4th, 2005)
Puzzle Action! general tutorial

Puzzle Action! advanced tutorial

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