Frequently Asked Questions

Q u e s t i o n s

1. Will the actions work in the Mac version of Photoshop.
2. When I try to save an image created with one of your actions I can only save it as a .PSD file...Why?
3. What has happened to the shadow?
Is this a bug?

Wrecked Shadow



A n s w e r s

1. I think some of the actions will work on a Mac, but I'm not quite sure since I have a PC myself.
2 After running an actions found on  this site your new image will consist of several layers. Most of the times you'll have a layer containing the picture that you applied the action to, you'll have a shadow layer and you'll have a background layer. The different layers are great to have if you want to add a background image or if you want to remove or tone down the shadow. Before you save your image remember to flatten it...then you'll be able to save it to any format. (The .PSD files saves the images with the layers separated)
3. Before you apply the Frame-It! action you have to make sure that no palettes overlap the image you are applying the action to. Press and hold the Ctrl key and press the minus key a couple of times to zoom out to about 33,33% before running the action.

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