3D Action! tutorial 

This tutorial will show you how to make a simple 3D interface using 3D Action! Photoshop newbies will have no problems following the steps in this tutorial.

Step 1:
Create a new RGB image and make it 800 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.. Use the rectangular marquee tool and make a selection like the one on the image below..

3D Action! tutorial - picture 1

Step 2:
Run the [1] Smooth curve action 5 times by simply pressing the button 5 times. This will round off the corners of our selection.


In the actions palette click the little triangle above the vertical scrollbar and choose button mode from the menu that pops up. This will make using the actions a lot easier.

Step 3:
Center the curve by clicking the [1] Center curve action once.

Step 4:
Click once on the [2] Make it 3D! action. If all goes well a nice looking 3D object will pop up after a couple of seconds.

3D Action! tutorial - picture 2

Step 5:
OK, now it's time to add some color to our 3D object. We'll start off by making the entire object dark blue. This is done by setting the foreground color to dark blue and clicking the [3] Color selection action once.

Step 6:
The finished interface has a black line going around the interface and it seems to be sunken into the interface. Choose Select > Load Selection... and select the Original Channel. Next choose Select > Modify > Contract... and contract selection  by 16 pixels. Choose Select > Modify > Contract... again and this time contract selection by 4 pixels. 

Step 7:
Round off the corners on this selection by running the [1] Smooth curve 5 times like you did in step 2. Set the foreground color to black an click the [3] pattern button once.

3D Action! tutorial - picture 3


By setting the foreground color in this step to another color than black this will be the color of the sunken line.

Step 8:
Let's add some more color to our simple interface. Set the foreground color to orange and click the [3] Color selection action.

Step 9:
Use the eliptical marquee tool and place a circle (90 x 90 pixels) on one side of the interface. Set the foreground color to black and run the [3] Pattern action. Next click the [3] Color selection action.

3D Action! tutorial - picture 4 


By adjusting the opacity of the different "color" layers  in the layers palette you can adjust the strenght of the color.

Step 10:
Use the type mask tool and enter some text. In this example I used Times New Roman and a font size of 65 pixels. When the text is aligned run the [3] Pattern action again.

3D Action tutorial - picture 5

Step 11:
Repeat step 9 and 10 to make another "button" and text

3D Action! tutorial - picture 6

There you go!

To better understand how the actions work and how to use the actions in the most effective way try turning the different layers "on and off".

3D Action! tutorial - picture 7


Cut the image and add a little javascript to make the interface a little bit cooler. There are several ways to making javascript rollovers. I usually use this script and cut the image manually in Photoshop.

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