Puzzle Action! How to use the action 

Step 1
Choose the images to be included in the filmstrip. Below are 3 images taken in one of the studios at the radiostation that I used work. Click on the pictures to download a larger version. 

Step 2
Make sure that the Filmstrip Action is loaded and make sure that the image Pstemp_3pics.psd is unzipped to the directory c:\pstemp. If not the action will not work. Pstemp_3pics.psd is included in the zip file that you downloaded from my site.  

Step 3
OK, I want the pictures above to be in the same order on the finished filmstrip. When loading the 3 pictures remember that the first image you open will be the last image on the filmstrip, the second picture loaded will be the second picture on the filmstrip and the third picture loaded will be placed first on the filmstrip.

Step 4
Now, with the image placed in the right folder, the images open and the action loaded simply choose the type filmstrip effect you want. In this tutorial we choose Filmstrip [Perspective].

Step 5
When the action is finished you'll hopefully have an image like the one below:

If you want to learn how to add a background go to the next tutorial. Scale the image and use the save as option to give the new picture a name other than Pstemp_3pics.psd.

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