Puzzle Action! How to use the action 

This action will show you how to apply the "puzzle #2" effect to a picture. I'm using the picture below.

(Click on the image to download a larger version)

Step 1
Start Photoshop CS and make sure no images are open.

Step 2
Unzip the PuzzleAction1_0.zip file, save the picture puzzle01.psd somewhere on your harddrive and install the actionset.

Step 3

Open the file puzzle01.psd (again, make sure NO OTHER images are open).

Step 4
Open the image that you want to apply the effect to. This image must be in the foreground.

Step 5
The image is very large (2560 x 1920 pixels). If the action is used on a large image the jigsaw puzzle pieces will be very small. Before applying the effect in this example I resized the image to 1000 x 750 pixels to make the pieces a little bigger.

Step 6
Click on the "Puzzle #2" action button. You will notice that two dialogboxes will appear. I'm not going to explain the meaning of these boxes in this tutorial.

After clicking "Continue" twice you should have a picture like this:

(Click on the image to see a larger version)

Useful Tip
After applying the puzzle effect to an image it is often a good idea to scale the image down just a little bit. This often makes the picture look a little better.

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